The Best Travel Cot UK In 2021

So you’ve decided to spend a few days at granny’s house but having a hard time finding a travel cot that can make your baby’s stay, as well as yours, more comfortable, huh? As well-wishers of buoyant babies and proper parenting, nothing would make us more chuffed than to help you find the best travel cot for your baby, so you might want to stick around for a little while.

Top 3 Travel Cots

But before we start highlighting some products, we’d like to remark that buying a travel cot isn’t just about providing a pleasant and familiar sleep environment for your newborn child, it’s about your child’s security as well, especially if you’re going places that aren’t purposely baby-proofed. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the best travel cots available today.


The 10 Best Travel Cots in 2020

1. Hauck Sleep N Play Centre Folding Cot

Hauck Sleep N Play Centre Folding Cot

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High quality is a common trait amongst all of the products reviewed in this article, so don’t even worry about wasting your pretty penny on a substandard travel cot. With that said, each product on this list boasts a particular trait that helps set it apart from the rest of the competition, and for the Hauck Sleep N Play Centre Folding Cot, the distinguishing trait is outstanding versatility.


Quite simply, this unit is the complete package, as it’s a bassinet cot that features an equipment bag, transport bag, folding mattress, and changing top. With all of these integral components at your disposal, you’ll be fully equipped to travel just about anywhere with your baby.


This travel cot does a great job of ensuring that your baby sleeps at an elevated level so that it’s easier to put them down, thanks to the newborn bassinet, which can only accommodate around 9 kg. With the bassinet removed, the cot can handle up to 15 kg. Assembling this cot is as easy as can be, with very few steps involved in the process. Folding it away is also just as easy.


The Sleep N Play Centre features zip fastening that can be opened to enable your child to enter and exit the cot with ease. And to ensure maximum security, the zip is located on the outside so that your child doesn’t tamper with it. The cot is commodious enough to accommodate babies of all sizes, as it measures 120 x 60 x 78 cm when fully assembled and 22 x 21 x 76.5 cm when folded.

2. Graco Contour Bassinet Travel Cot

Graco Contour Bassinet Travel Cot

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While not as versatile as the Sleep N Play Centre, the Graco Contour Bassinet Cot is a brilliant option for minimalists. This travel cot comes with a full-sized bassinet that can handle up to 6.5 kg of weight. The bed itself, on the other hand, can withstand up to 15 kg without any problems. So, it’s safe to say that this bassinet travel cot is suitable for virtually all infants and babies.


The Graco Contour Travel Cot emphasises foldable construction for easy travelling. Unlike most foldable travel cots, however, there isn’t a host of steps that you need to take in order to fold this cot. All you really have to do is push a single button, and the entire construction will instantly fold into an ultra-compact bundle. In addition, it’s mounted on two wheels for ease of mobility.


The top rails of this travel cot are entirely padded to increase security. The whole construction of this cot is built to soaring high standards, ensuring great longevity.

3. Red Kite Black Sleep Tight Travel Cot

Red Kite Black Sleep Tight Travel Cot

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Upon knowing this travel cot’s price tag, the first thought that might cross your mind is that it’s of the poorest quality. We’re pleased to tell you, however, that this product doesn’t skimp on quality whatsoever, despite being the cheapest product on this list. The Sleep Tight is both durable and child-proof, featuring mesh side panels, padded rails, and notably sturdy framing.


What we love about this travel cot is that it doesn’t have zips, gaps, or anything that can pose a threat to your child’s wellbeing. Additionally, there’s a locking system on both sides to maximize security. We’re also pretty fond of the fact that the frame is releasable with the aid of buttons. It’s also worth noting that the pressure required to press the buttons is more than a child could manage.


When fully assembled, the Red Kite Black Sleep Tight Cot spans 102 x 72 x 75 cm. It’s fairly wider than other similar products, making it ideal for babies ranging from newborn to 3 years of age. As far as the assembly process, the cot employs a standard cot mechanism, so it won’t be that difficult to assemble. There’s a detailed instructions manual that highlights the assembly quite clearly.


One downside to this cot is that the cover isn’t removable and it doesn’t come with a sheet. This means that everything must be spot cleaned. We advise using a mild detergent and some warm water for cleaning. After cleaning, just leave the cot to air dry for a while.

4. Baby Joy Travel Cot

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Combining a steel tube frame with 210D polyester and PP plastic, the Baby Joy Portable Travel Cot stands tall as one of the most durable products on our list. The structure is extremely stable and solid, ensuring your child’s safety. Further, the top rails are well-padded for extra security. In addition, the base is padded in a way that helps plant the cot to the floor for stability.


The cot features a space-saving design that folds and collapses with the press of a few buttons. The package includes a carry bag in which you place the travel cot after having collapsed it for ease of transportation. The unit is compact enough to fit into most car boots as well as storage cupboards. It’s suitable for babies under 85 cm in height and 13.6 kg in weight.


The cot is covered with highly breathable mesh panels on either side, allowing your child to get a clear view of their surroundings, and allowing you to supervise your baby from afar. If you take a look at both sides of the cot, you’ll notice a zippered flag on one side and a toy bag on the other. The unit is mounted on two brake wheels that allow for ease of mobility as well as firm planting.

5. BabyBjörn Travel Cot

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On the expensive end of the price spectrum, sits the travel cot from BabyBjörn. It’s far from a budget-friendly product, but you most definitely get what you pay for with this one. It’d be an understatement to say this travel cot is superior. It can accommodate babies up to 3 years and is made with child-friendly fabric.


This cot’s mattress is extremely well-padded, ensuring optimal comfort. You may actually have a hard time getting your child out of this cot considering how cosy it is. Oh, and it doesn’t feature a bassinet, sadly, which adds to the hassle involved in taking the baby out of this cot. That’s about it, though, as far as the negatives. Everything else makes for an excellent travel cot.


The sides of this cot are angled in such a way that makes it super compact. You’ll find it easy to cram it into tight quarters without any issues. Not to mention that the item measures 82 x 112 x 64 cm when folded and weighs 6 kg, which is pretty compact and lightweight without the need for angled sides.


The mattress features a cotton cover that’s easily removable and machine-washable. The fabric covering the exterior of the item is also machine-washable. This package includes a convenient carry case with proper handles, ensuring optimal portability. This case is also remarkably sturdy, which helps keep the cot safe from any damage. It’s a superb, premium-quality product, overall.

6. Venture Roma Blue Travel Cot


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The Venture Roma Travel Cot is an extremely convenient unit in the sense that it’s ready to go within a few minutes of opening the package. It’s insanely lightweight at just 6 kg, thanks to the use of an aluminium frame, which makes it the lightest product on our list. So, if you champion portability and ease of use, it doesn’t get any better than the Venture Roma.


Similar to a lot of products on our list, the Venture Roma features mesh sides that enable you to keep an eye on your child without having to be near the cot. It also grants your baby an ideal vision of their surroundings so that they don’t feel secluded. Moreover, the mesh material is very breathable, which helps ensure an optimal airflow inside the cot and prevents overheating.


The fabrics used in the making of this cot are fire-retardant. The whole product is actually tested according to all British and Europeans standards of safety. The Venture Roma is suitable for all babies ranging from newborn to 3 years of age. This cot is actually very similar to the BabyBjörn cot, so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, this is your best bet.

7. Costway Portable Infant/Baby Travel Cot

Costway Portable Infant/Baby Travel Cot

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Costway’s Infant/Baby Travel Cot is one of the most portable travel cots on our list, thanks to its compact 120 x 60 x 78 cm construction which only weighs around 10 kg. The unit also features an easily foldable design and an included carry bag that ensures ease of portability. Further, there’s a couple of caster wheels and a couple of sturdy legs that add to the mobility aspect.


What we love about this cot is that both sides are covered with mesh cloth, allowing the baby to see outside the cot. Not only that, but there’s also an onlooker that allows you, as the parent, to see into the cot with ease. This mesh covering also serves as a means of enhancing ventilation, so you don’t have to worry about temperature regulation and your child getting too hot.


All of the above-detailed features are pretty common amongst many travel cots. What helps set this unit apart, however, is unique features such as a place for diapers and a zip-closed channel that enables your baby to climb out of the crib. Additionally, there’s a side pocket where you can keep some of your baby’s toys or general belongings. Pretty convenient, don’t you think?


The Costway Portable Infant/Baby Travel Cot doesn’t just focus on providing your baby with the required comfort and security, but it also focuses on providing entertainment, which is why there are cute toys hanging from the unit’s curved short handrail. These toys will help encourage your child to stand up by holding the handrail in order to play with them. We’re impressed!

8. Chicco Zip and Go Travel Cot

Chicco Zip & GO Travel Cot

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The Zip and Go Travel Cot from Chicco is another premium option from a very renowned brand here in the UK. This cot is designed to accommodate babies from birth and up to 2 years of age. The strongest selling point of this travel cot is that it can be used in a couple of modes: a fixed mode for sleeping and a rocking mode that helps tranquil the baby.


The Chicco Zip and Go is covered by a mesh fabric on each side, which grants your baby ideal vision of their surrounding as well as ensures proper ventilation inside the cot so that your baby never gets hot. Another noteworthy selling point is the fact that this cot literally takes zero setup time. And when it comes to foldability, all you have to do is press a single button for it to fold.


The package includes a carry bag for ease of portability. The cot itself weighs about 7 kg, so it’s one of the lightest units on our list. As you can see, this cot boasts various selling points, which justifies its eye-tearing price tag. If you often find yourself rocking your child to sleep, then you’d be very pleased with the rocking motion that the Chicco Zip and Go has to offer.

9. BabyDan Extra Large Travel Cot

BabyDan Extra Large Travel Cot

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The BabyDan Travel Cot is a commodious, traditional-style cot that features four fold-out walls. It’s actually large enough that it can double as a playpen for your child. Being one of the largest options on this list, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s fairly heavy at around 11 kg, but two of its legs feature caster wheels, so you don’t have to worry about mobility at all.


The BabyDan Travel Cot, as a whole, feels incredibly sturdy. It actually feels more rugged than units of more expensive price tags. The mattress comes with a nylon cover, making it easy to maintain since nylon can be wiped clean without any hassle. The mattress feels a bit thin, though, as if it’s lacking support, but we’re yet to find a user who is having support-related trouble.


The package also includes a convenient bag that can be looped over the cot’s end as a means of holding your baby’s toys. Its size is quite similar to the size of a standard cot bed, which is great because it’ll feel familiar to your baby if you have a standard cot bed at home. To add, it’ll be spacious enough for your baby to play and crawl around, similar to a playpen.


One thing you should keep in mind is that the maximum weight capacity of this travel cot is 14 kg, which is slightly less than its competitors. Aesthetically speaking, the cot is very appealing, with its simplistic black and white design. It folds to a single piece with no assembly required whatsoever, which is great for parents who aren’t mechanically inclined.

10. iSafe Rest & Play Luxury Travel Cot


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The iSafe Rest & Play Luxury Travel Cot is yet another excellent product that’s worth your while. The unit holds great resemblance to the BabyDan Travel Cot in terms of construction. However, it’s notably lighter than the BabyDan, as it weighs only 8.5 kg. Additionally, it doesn’t feature any caster wheels like the BabyDan Travel Cot, and so it’s not as mobile in comparison.


This travel cot measures 120 x 60 x 65 cm, which, as you probably can tell, is pretty spacious. It’s actually commodious enough to double as a playpen. The mattress is shrouded by an ultra-flow, hypoallergenic cover that’s easily removable for ease of cleaning. The frame is padded, and it features a multi-lock mechanism that guarantees your baby’s security and wellbeing.


One of the strongest selling points of this travel cot is that it’s extremely easy to assemble and just as easy to fold down. The maximum weight capacity on this travel cot is 15 kg, which, as we already established, is enough to accommodate babies of virtually all sizes. We’re quite fond of the cot’s black and navy aesthetics, and we’re confident that it’ll appeal to you as well.

Final Thoughts

We’re quite confident that one of the above-reviewed products will meet your travelling needs as well as your child’s comfort needs. If we were to choose a winner, we’d go with either the Hauck Sleep N Play Centre for its well-roundedness or the Red Kite Sleep Tight for its ultra-sweet price tag and immense value. Feel free to let us know which travel cot you think is the best.

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