Best Prams For Newborns 2021 UK – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best prams for newborn: Right from the moment you conceive your little bundle of joy till the day they grow old enough to make their own decisions, parents and caregivers are overwhelmed by the choices that they need to make.

The choice of a newborn pram is one of the first decisions you make. In the UK, it is most likely that you will not be allowed to check out of the hospital without a safe baby pram. Who wants to take the risk anyway?

As caregivers, we try our best to ensure safety in everything we choose for our little ones. A baby pram is something that will stay with the baby for quite long and it better be comfortable. I am a babysitter and a lot of parents reach out to me for help with these decisions. While I am no expert, I have seen a lot of kids and pram brands and thus have a fair idea of their comfort, usability, and safety.

I read a lot before investing in the right baby pram for my own little delight who came in last year as well. So, I thought I will make the choice a bit easier for you too. Here is the list of 10 best prams for newborn based on my research and experience and other user reviews.

Top 3 Best Prams For Newborn

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Prams For Newborn Reviews

1. Hot Mom Pushchair, 3 in 1 Baby Pram

hot mom pushchair reviewTop Features:

  • Egg-shaped seat with PU leather design for luxurious looks
  • 360-degree baby safe design
  • Adjustable pole and seat so the baby can be seated higher, away from the exhaust of vehicles and brought closer to the caregiver hence offering a better view
  • Adapter suitable for Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix / Mico max 30 /Citi infant car seat models
  • 3 ergonomic positions for the baby, for perfect comfort. This includes the park position, reclining position and sleeping position.
  • 4-wheel suspension system with anti-shock capability on front wheels and locking capability on rear wheels. It also comes with foot brakes
What We ❤
  • Stylish and offbeat looks
  • Easy folding and unfolding
  • Very spacious
  • Handle extension is very helpful for tall people
  • Car seat adapter adds to the convenience
  • Easy to push
  • Excellent customer service
What We Don't 💔
  • Very expensive
  • Doesn’t block the sunshine from reaching the baby on sunny days
Bottom Line:
This baby pram/pushchair is an amazing product with superior and luxurious looks and the best comfort
for the baby. However, you need to shell out a significant amount for the
amazing looks and comfort. For sun protection you will have to invest
separately in a weather cover. Overall a highly recommended product and one of the best prams for newborn

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2. TecTake 3 in 1 Pushchair stroller combi stroller

Top Features:

  • Best suited for newborn babies to 3 years of age
  • Lightweight Aluminum framed body
  • Carrycot along with washable insert
  • Soft Carrycot padding approximately 1 cm including headboard
  • Infinitely adjustable sun canopy
  • Water resistant body for extra safety during rains
  • Under seat bag with an approximately 25l capacity
  • Adjustable push handle height
  • Collapsible and saves a lot of space while traveling
  • Lockable 360 degree swivel wheel for revolving around
  • Rubber front wheels for additional security, 2 plastic rear wheels
  • 5 point safety harness, safety bar, and one-touch foot brake
  • The complete package contains a stroller, sports seat/buggy, baby carrier/carrycot, sun canopy and cover, mosquito net and a rain cover
What We ❤
  • Light weight and easy to assemble
  • Looks very classy and attractive
  • Affordable packaged deal
  • Variable height of the push handle approximately 72 – 107 cm
  • Mosquito net and rain cover for that additional safety of your little one
What We Don't 💔
  • Poor quality, very fragile
  • No Car seat or an option to attach a Car seat
  • Not meant for long-term use
Bottom Line
This lightweight baby buggy is ideal only if you mean to use it sparingly. I would not recommend it if you plan to use it everyday due to its poor build and fragile quality.

3. Hauck Shopper SLX Trio Set

best-baby-strollers-ukTop Features:

  • Best suited for newborn babies to 3 years age
  • Strong steel tube frame makes the shopper slx robust and maneuverable.
  • Perfect for bus or train travel with extra support from suspended chassis
  • Lockable revolving front wheel makes it easier to move around
  • Fully adjustable backrest as well as the footrest
  • Can be easily folded and locked to keep it compact
  • A perfectly designed box containing a Shopper SLX Pushchair, carrycot, car seat and rain cover
  • Carrycot and Zero Plus 0+ Car Seat are suitable from birth
  • Carrycot and Car seat can easily be mounted onto the integrated adapters
  • The Zero plus 0+ Car seat gives additional security to your little one with an innovative side-impact protection system, shock absorbing, 3-point belt, padded and up foamed for that extra support and comfort of your little one on every journey.
  • Car Seat can be easily combined with shop’n drive system
  • Ease in holding and keeping the bottle and other refreshments within reach with the help of Practical drinks holder on the pushing holder
  • 5 point belt, front bar, and handbrakes take care of the safety of your child
  • Extra-large storage basket
What We ❤
  • Sleek, Stylish and lightweight
  • Perfectly designed box, containing all basic necessities
  • Both backrest and footrest are adjustable
  • Becomes compact when folded
  • An additional bonus of extra-large storage basket to keep your things or shopping bags
  • Most affordable buggy, looking at the whole package
What We Don't 💔
  • The instruction manual can be more illustrative and not just pictorial
  • Not suitable for non-paved paths
  • Problem with wheels placements, both front and rear wheels come off easily.
Bottom Line

This is a very stylish lightweight baby stroller that comes bundled with all the basic accessories. If you plan to stroll mostly on paved paths, this is the perfect product.

4. Zeta Citi Stroller Buggy Pushchair – Plum

zeta-baby-strollerTop Features:

  • Suitable for newborn babies
  • A lightweight stroller that is quite compact upon folding
  • Umbrella fold for perfect portability
  • Multi-recline positions for baby comfort
  • The swivel of the front wheels can be locked
  • Removable hood to adapt to weather conditions
  • 5-point safety harness
What We ❤
  • Beautiful colour and sleek looks
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Very compact upon folding
  • Hood is included to offer shade from the sun
  • Recline positions make sure that the baby can sleep comfortably
  • Storage space is enough to store baby essentials
  • Comes completely put together, just need to install the wheels
  • Includes a leg rest for toddlers
What We Don't 💔
  • No side clips to keep the hood in place
  • Handle bar is loose and wobbly at times
Bottom Line
Compact and easy to fold, this is one of the sleekest looking baby pushchairs out there. The best is that you do not have to spend a lot of time installing it as it comes complete and you will just need to install the wheels. It is a lightweight and convenient product.

5. Zeta Citi Black Stroller Buggy Pushchair

best-baby-pram-ukTop Features:

  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Suitable for newborn babies
  • Adjustable multi-reclining back for setting various positions as per your child’s requirement
  • Inbuilt with 5 point security harness
  • Lockable swivel front wheel makes it easier to revolve
  • Umbrella fold for a compact folded size
  • Comes with an attractive 12 months free warranty when purchased and used from birth (Offer doesn’t stand if purchased and used for babies above 12 months).
What We ❤
  • Lightweight, can be single handedly operated
  • Makes your traveling with a baby easy task
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Perfect hood size, covers sun completely
  • Suitable for babies from newborn to 3 years of age group
  • Affordable when compared with other similar products
What We Don't 💔
  • Handles can get a little hard to use
  • Hood easily gets off-center and is very flimsy, making it difficult to hold rain cover
  • Not as nippy when compared with other similar strollers
Bottom Line
While this one is lightweight baby pushchair and easy to operate the handles may be a problem sometimes. The build quality is very strong and is perfect for those looking for single hand operation.

6. Zeta Vooom Stroller Black

best-baby-pushchairs-ukTop Features:

  • Best suitable for newborn babies to 3 years old
  • Built strong to last long, great frame and designed wheels provide extra support
  • Unique drop-down privacy hood to make baby feel more comfortable when asleep, also provide shade from the sun along with parent window
  • Storage pocket in the back of the hood
  • Seat made up of three layers fabric and padding for that extra comfort to your baby
  • 5 Point harness with padded shoulder pads comes with advance locking harness for that extra security of your child
  • Lockable swivel front wheel makes it easier to revolve
  • Adjustable recliner seat, as well as the footrest, offers extra support and comfort to your little one
What We ❤
  • Light in weight, easy to carry with a carry handle, great for holidays
  • One hand folding mechanism, to make it compact, auto lock system keeps it together
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Built strong to last long, great frame and designed wheels provide extra support
  • Four position recliner seat along with an adjustable footrest
  • Large shopping basket
What We Don't 💔
  • Though one of the affordable strollers, it’s not very strong.
  • Cannot be used on non-paved paths.
  • Takes babies only up to 2 years of age.
Bottom Line
This is one of the most affordable baby strollers among those with reclining positions. It is a good choice if your target area is malls or tiled roads. It isn’t very strong on non-paved paths and is suitable for babies upto 2 years of age.

7. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller Black

best-baby-buggy-ukTop Features:

  • Best suited for newborn babies to 3 years age, has a capacity of 65 pounds
  • Adjustable handlebar can easily adapt to your height for your comfort
  • Hand-operated parking brake keeps the stroller in your control
  • Incorporated with all-terrain wheels that offer ease of both city to the country;
  • The combination of both all-terrain wheel and front wheel suspension works together to offer you an absolute control over where and how you go while keeping your baby comfortable.
  • Just strap with one hand and it folds itself, very simple and compact; auto-lock will lock the stroller for transportation or storage.
  • Recliner seat for setting various position as required
  • Retractable weather cover to make sure your child is comfortable
  • Safety with SPF 50+ hood canopy with two peek-a-boo windows to keep an eye on your little one
  • Suitable for various other accessories like car seat adapter, carrycots etc (sold separately)
What We ❤
  • Very neat and handy to use
  • Only stroller in the market with the maximum weight capacity as high as 29 kg
  • Adjustable handlebar provides ample support by matching your height
  • Strong and sturdy
  • All terrain wheel gives extra independence to move around, keeping your baby comfortable.
What We Don't 💔
  • Extra accessories investment would be required for rain cover, foot buff, bumper bar etc
  • Heavy when compared to other strollers
  • Lot of safety concerns on this particular stroller by Baby Joggers.
Bottom Line
This one is quite handy when it comes to the operation but calls for extra expenditure on additional accessories. Many caregivers have also expressed concern about the flimsiness and safety and it is also a bit heavy as compared to others. I would suggest that if you are not looking for so much weight capacity, this baby buggy can be skipped.

8. Red Kite Baby Push Me Lite Summer Stripe Pushchair

best-baby-strollers-pushchairTop Features:

  • Best suited for babies above 6 months
  • Light in weight, perfect for holidays
  • Makes perfect second buggy, grandparents option or a holiday buggy
  • Great design and ease of use
  • This product has 0 reclining positions
  • Swivel wheels for ease of use
  • Padded foam handles for extra comfort when pushing your little one.

Note: If the front wheel has been attached to the frame upside down, this is easily resolved by removing it and re-assembling the correct way. Replacement seat covers come with harness straps attached so these are easily replaceable as well.

What We ❤
  • 5 point safety harness for the safety and security of your little one.
  • Padded foam handles for your comfort
  • Light in weight, ideal for holidays
  • Best second buggy option to be used for a specific period of time
  • Folds and becomes super slim to make it easier to travel with.
What We Don't 💔
  • Cannot be used as a regular baby stroller
  • Not a very strong and sturdy product
Bottom Line
This is one of the most affordable baby pushchairs among those with reclining positions. It is a good choice if your target area is malls or tiled roads. It isn’t very strong on non-paved paths and is suitable for babies upto 2 years of age.

9. Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller

best-baby-strollers-ukTop Features:

  • Suitable to use right from the day the baby is born
  • A lightweight baby stroller that is compact and sleek too
  • Practical design to carry around with ease
  • Easy to lock, at just the lift of a strap
  • Auto-lock functionality to fold and pack for easy carry and storage while not in use
  • Can be reclined to all positions
  • A foldable weather protection cover
  • Sun safe hood canopy with a see-through window to monitor the baby
  • Front wheel suspension makes strolling very easy
What We ❤
  • Frame is easily collapsible
  • Wheels can be detached to store in the car without dirtying the boot with mud
  • Sturdy handle
  • Handle height is perfect
  • Underbin space is enough to store baby essentials and some extras
  • Back brakes are very strong
  • Design is very compact
  • Build quality is very superio
What We Don't 💔
  • Not as stable as a 4 wheeled pram
  • Back brakes are sometimes very tough to pull with shoes
  • Is not very stable with a car seat attachment
Bottom Line
This baby stroller is an ideal product if you are always on the go as it is easily collapsible and effortlessly goes into the car boot. However, if you are expecting stability as much as a 4 wheeled one, you may be a bit disappointed. This isn’t much of an issue if you stroll on smooth surfaces. Overall and amazing product with perfect build quality.

10. Baby Jogger City Tour Compact Fold Stroller Onyx

baby-buggy-pushchairs-ukTop Features:

  • Perfect travel-mate can easily be packed and stored using small space
  • Designed to meets carry-on requirements of many modes of transportations (Do check with your airline beforehand)
  • Suitable for babies between 6 months to 3 years (up to 15 kg)
  • Spacious seat with added multi-position reclining feature
  • The city Tour’s 5-inch lightweight front wheels make it easier to revolve around the daily course, can also be locked for long distance strolling.
  • Rear parking brakes make it convenient for you to use.
  • Extendable hood with peekaboo window to keep a check on your baby
  • Large UV 50+ canopy for additional coverage and protection
  • Comes with a comfortable backpack with a double strap, to pack and carry your stroller hands-free
  • An added benefit of light weighted and easy to fit rain cover


What We ❤
  • Sleek design and light weight, great for travelers
  • Can fit very easily in small space, becomes compact when folded
  • Comes with a stylish travel bag
  • Easily foldable single handedly
  • Extra protection with UV 50+ and canopy
What We Don't 💔
  • Fixed handle height, problematic for taller people.
  • Wheels are very small, not meant for non-paved paths.
Bottom Line
Convenient and stylish, this baby stroller fits in a bag and is ideal for travelers. All you need to do is pack it up and send in a back pack to the boot of your car or an aircraft overhead bin. Highly recommended for frequent travelers.

How a baby pram makes your life easy?

Safety and security: As a new parent you will most likely think to yourself that you’d not take your kid to crowded places or out on holidays to ensure their comfort and safety. 2-3 months down the line, as realization seeps in, you will know how life doesn’t stop once you have a baby and you will want to explore it, carrying them along.

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A baby buggy is a godsend when you are amidst a crowd, you do not have to run behind the baby and can see them safely strapped right infront of you. It is a lot safer than standing the inconvenience of being tugged around in the crowd or worse still, the fear of losing them. If you have multiple children, there cannot be anything better than a baby pushchair. I have handled a family with 3 beautiful, active kids and I know how it can be to handle multiple little ones in a crowd.

An ergonomically designed baby stroller will also serve as the ideal sleeping place for your kids while you are on the go.

Convenience: Trust me when I say this, your bundle of joy is not going to stay a featherweight forever. While babies love to be carried, it gets quite difficult to carry them in your arms everywhere as their weight increases. A baby pushchair is thus loads of convenience.

Storage space: With a baby, you are most likely to feel like a porter, always overloaded with stuff from diapers to wipes and bottles, to extra change of clothes. With a baby buggy, you can carry all that you need with you in the storage space that comes along, without having to haul it separately in a bag all the way.

Feeding made easy: Most modern baby strollers come with a detachable feeding tray, so it is easier to feed the kids on the go without worrying about the mess and having to find a place to set up a makeshift dining area.

Factors to consider while buying a baby buggy:

I know how concerned we all are as parents for the comfort of our kids. Choosing the best baby buggy can be overwhelming. Here are some factors to consider or questions to ask yourself before you finalize the ride companion for your baby:

Your customized need: This one is the most important. Every household is different and your choice of baby stroller will depend greatly on your purpose, the age of the baby and where you need to stroll. For instance, would you be mostly needing it for the mall or the park or while jogging? Baby strollers differ based on terrain they run on and it is important to choose the right one. My little one enjoys going out on runs with me, but I do my shopping as well with her in tow. The baby stroller I use comfortably and safely accomplishes both.  You just need to choose one based on how you will use it the most.

Number of kids and age: Based on how many babies you have, you can choose a double, triple or single stroller. Also, for very young babies, you can opt for a baby pushchair that can maintain a fully flat, lying down position for them.

Safety parameters: You must make sure that the baby stroller you choose is from a reputed brand and is tested for safety. Cheaper isn’t always the best and you must make sure that your product has safety harnesses, sturdy build, wheel brakes and requisite safety specifications. (If there are any UK child safety standards or just safety standards that certify these products like ISI or DOT, mention them)

Budget: This may be one of the critical factors that define your choice. A more expensive baby stroller will generally mean more high-end features, but you must decide how much you can shell out before you shop.

Baby Prams – Final Words:

A baby buggy defines your baby’s comfort and safety greatly and it is extremely important to choose one that fits all the criteria of safety and your personal preferences. While the budget is a very important factor, you must not choose solely by low price as they may compromise safety. My research has taken into account all these factors, hope I was able to answer all questions. You can research based on your needs and embrace convenience along with superior comfort for the baby.

Portability: This will also vary based on your needs. If you are someone who travels a lot in a car, you may need a baby buggy that fits into your boot, or a detachable car seat component.

Other features: Reversible handlebars, additional food trays, weather shades etc. are some additional features that you may choose or skip in your choice of stroller

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