Solid Color Baby Leggings


Solid color baby leggings (black,navy, or red), are functional, fun and comfortable accessories for any baby or toddler’s outfit! Ship free!

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Solid Color Baby Leggings

These solid color baby leggings, are high quality socks, and are a perfect accessory for any outfit. They are fun and functional, and comfortable! Your baby will be fashionable with these cute socks! Your baby and toddler can wear the same leggings (9-35 lbs.)! They can romp and run all day in these cozy and cute socks. Not only do we have solid color leggings, we also have many prints for all occasions. If your a football fan, we have all the NFL prints available in our baby leggings. We have prints available for all occasions, and  prints, colors, or stripes to match your baby’s energetic personality. On our site,we also sell diaper covers for both little gals and little guys that will go perfectly with our baby leggings.

Baby leggings are functional in that they cover and protect your baby’s legs while they are crawling, romping and playing about. Leggings also make diaper changes so much easier. Just add a little pair of shorts or a little skirt or tutu, or cute diaper covers to dress up your child when going out.

Some of the prints we have available are not only for all the holidays, but adorable prints for girls and boys for any occasion! We have cute animal prints such as kitties, monkeys, dinosaurs, sea creatures as well. If you have an older child, they will like to use the leggings for arm warmers too! Browse today at the delightful selection we have to offer!

The Solid Color Baby Leggings, are made from a perfect blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex. They are the highest quality socks for both infants and toddlers, and one size fits most. Our baby leggings are made from
80% Cotton, 15% Polyester, and 5% Spandex and
fit children 9-35 lbs.

Colors: Black,  Black Ruffles, Navy,  Pink Ruffles,  Red,  White Ruffles

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Black, Black Ruffles, Navy, Pink Ruffles, Red, White Ruffles