Sleepy Printed Nursing Pillow

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Nursing Pillows

The Sleepy Printed Nursing Pillow /Nursing Pillows are made to bring a positive experience for both mothers and babies.They are soft enough to provide comfort and convenience, and promote coziness and closeness, but are firm enough to provide a high level of support.

The Sleepy Printed Nursing Pillow/ Nursing Pillows . have calming cool white and gray stripes. They are hardly noticeable yet have up to date patterns that are wonderful addition to any babies’ nurseries!

Includes: 1x Nursing Pillow
Material: 100% cotton exterior, 100% polyester filling
Care and Cleaning: We want your pillow to last for years so we suggest spot cleaning the pillow with a damp, soapy cloth, as needed. Please do not put the pillow in the washer. If you would like, you can also soak it in a warm sink to remove dirt and stains. Air dry the pillow until damp and if needed, put the pillow in the dryer on a light cycle to fluff the pillow.
Dimensions: The length of the pillow from left to right is between 20 and 22 inches, the width from top to bottom is between 14 and 15 inches, and the thickness of the pillow is 5 1/2 inches. The pillow dimensions do vary slightly due to the nature of the product.

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