Shapes And Color Collection DVD / Best DVDs for Babies Ages 1-4



Shapes And Color Collection DVD 

Shapes And Color Collection DVD / Best DVDs for Babies are for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. It is a fun and perfect way for preparing your child for preschool.

    • This collection includes a 45 minute Shapes and Color DVD, a 16 page preschool  Shapes and Color Board Book, and a 36 piece Shapes and Color flashcard set that teaches shapes and colors.  All 3 of these tools are made to improve your child’s learning experience, and complement the subject.
    • Real children are featured on the interactive DVD introducing shapes and colors in familiar surroundings using everyday objects. Your child will hear happy music with a kind teaching voice telling what your child is seeing. The video uses the repetitive review teaching method throughout. The 16 page  Shapes and Color preschool board book has colorful pictures of real objects that children can relate to, while at the same time, they are exploring the world around them. Shapes and Color Flashcards include top quality pictures of everyday children and objects.
    • Each part of this collection, works together with each other to help strengthen the learning process.
    • The Brainy Baby Shapes and Color Collection /Best DVDs for Babies, includes a 45 minute DVD, a 16 page board book, and a 36 piece flashcard set for ages 1 to 4 years old.


The Shapes and Colors Collection/ Best DVDs for Babies

includes a 45 minute Shapes and Colors DVD, 16 page Shapes and Colors board book, and a 36 piece Shapes and Colors flashcard set for ages 1 to 4 years

Three Other Collections offered:

We also offer three other collections or bundles that include a DVD, a board book, and flash cards. These collections also for 1-4 years which  include:  Animal, 123 Counting,  and the ABCs  Collections. These bundles are also fun and perfect ways for your child  to learn. Thus, they will and gain confidence in him or herself while learning.

Besides our Shapes and Color Collection /Best DVDs for Babies -Ages 1-4 and our other learning collections, we offer other fun learning tools for young children.

Furthermore, we have four best DVDs for infants. Our Laugh and Discover best (DVD for infants) involves babies and toddlers with familiar sounds and objects young viewers will enjoy.  The Right Brain Development best (DVD for infants) stimulates creative thinking. While the Left Brain Development best (DVD for infants) stimulates logical thinking. Our Peek-A-Boo Creative Exploration best (DVD for infants) presents learning skills and helps children to gain a love for endless learning.

Finally of our tools for learning, we  offer best  music CD s  for toddlers, (and babies too).    Our Sing Along Songs, 9  songs toddlers love to sing such as ‘Mind Your Manners’, and  ’26 letters. Our  Cheerful Baby CD that consists of 17 upbeat instrumental songs. Our Playful Baby CD consists of 18 invigorating instrumental songs. Sleepy Baby CD consists of 15 soothing instrumental songs. Peaceful Baby CD consists of 20 relaxing instrumental songs. Our Instrumental Classical Tunes CD is a perfect way to acquaint your child with classical tunes.

Moreover, our learning tools include our learning bundles which are both  fun and enjoyable ways to learn. Browse through our collection of CD s,,  DVDs and learning bundles and see the great selection we have to offer!

Most importantly, you will find your child’s play and  enjoyment is while they are  actually learning and developing important skills.