Newborn Rose Print 13 Piece Set-100% Cotton Interlock



Rose Print Gift Set

First,  our darling Newborn Rose Print Gift Set consists of 13 pieces. Because the fabric is made of 100% cotton interlock, it is thereby soft and comfy. Thus it is ultimately made for baby’s delicate skin.

Notably, this baby gift set includes: Newborn Side Snap Shirt, Small Side Snap Shirt,  Newborn Short Sleeve Sleeve Onesie, Newborn Long Sleeve Onesie, Knotted Cap, Bib, Burp Cloth, 4 Wash Clothes, and last of all, a Pair of Mittens.

Since this gift set includes so many needed items, it makes a great gift for a newborn baby.

Size: Newborn Only ( Fits up to 13 lbs,)

 Material:  100% Cotton Interlock

1 Set Per Pack

Besides this Arrow Print Gift Set, we also offer other lovely gifts sets.

The other gift sets include:

  1. 5-Piece Pastel Interlock Gift Set for either Boy or Girl. It includes solid Colored Onesie, Printed T-Shirt, Cap Booties and Bib
  2. 5 Piece Pastel Interlock Hanging Gift Set comes in Yellow and includes a Printed Onesie, Yellow T-Shirt, Cap, Booties, and Bib
  3. 3 Piece Gift Sets for either Boys or Girls. The boys sets include Blue Printed Bodysuit, Cap and Booties. Also, the girls sets are the Pink Printed Onesie, Cap and Booties.
  4. 4 Piece Pastel Fleece Boxed Gift Set, Colors Blue, Pink, or Yellow. It includes: Collarless Jacket, Cap, Pants, Rattle
  5. 7-Piece Pastel Interlock Hanging Baby Gift Set which includes: T-Shirt, Bodysuit, Tank Top, Gown, Bib, Cap, and a pair of Booties. The  t-shirt,  gown, and hat are solid yellow. The other pieces are in giraffe print.

Moreover, in the Sections of nursing covers with wires, and also nursing pillows, are great gift ideas for expectant mothers who are planning to breastfeed. Both the nursing covers and pillows come in stylish prints.Ultimately, these items, nursing will be even a better experience for both mother and baby.

Here Are Tips In Dressing Your Newborn.

Ultimately, for the first few weeks or months, keep your baby dressed sensibly with clothing  your infant will need.

Furthermore, how often you do laundry, is also the number of each items will be needed. Remember, babies have numerous unexpected messes, thereby need more clothing.

Because infants grow so quickly, always have the next size of clothing available for them to wear. Check also for tags, buttons, and snaps that may scratch. Finally, avoid zippers that may pinch.

Depending also what climate you live in, dress your baby sensibly. Some babies of larger sizes, moreover, may not even fit into newborn clothing at all. While on the other hand, preemies will wear smaller sizes longer.

Browse our baby bodysuits, an essential piece of clothing he will need daily or more.We have offer baby bodysuits in various styles, prints, and colors, including black and white bodysuits. Our bodysuits come sleeveless, short sleeve, and long sleeve. Check out the short sleeve girl’s pastel baby bodysuits-variety pack of 3. Also available for the little girls’ are short sleeve and long sleeve bodysuits, and tank tops onesies.