Rib Knit White Baby Bodysuits Short Sleeve / 3-Pk

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White Baby Bodysuits 

First of all, our rib knit  short sleeve White Baby Bodysuits (3 pack) extended t-shirts with reinforced snaps at the crotch, makes for an easy diaper change. In addition, the garments with expandable shoulders make for an easy to get on and off. Thus, they are also comfy, inexpensive, and  styled in many ways. Hence, they are worn alone or under other clothing. Onesies are great in that their little bellies don’t show, keeping everything in place.

Baby bodysuits or also known as onesies. They are like a farmers’ overalls. Hence, it is a baby’s everyday essential garment. Therefore, have plenty  of them on hand. Hence this will cut down on the number of times to launder.  Above all, buy enough to put in the baby’s drawer, your diaper bag, your purse, and the car. Thus, there will be some clean ones always available.

White short sleeve Onesie easily stretch with your baby’s movement.  Hence, they are comfy to either sleep or play in.  A  jacket and long pants can also be worn over the onesie for added warmth.

We also offer other baby bodysuits with short sleeve, long sleeves ,and sleeveless . We carry variety of prints and colors, white and black. This includes little gals’ and little guys’ prints and colors.

Above all, no matter what style of the bodysuit, they consist of 100% cotton. Cotton is soft to your baby’s delicate skin.  Moreover, they are easily washed, cleaned and dried.

Baby Pants and Shorts Offered Will Go Well With The White Baby Bodysuits.

When going for an outing, slip on a pair of long pants or shorts over the onesies or bodysuits. Long pants will keep your baby’s legs warm  and protected on a chilly day. Browse our baby pants and shorts. With our baby pants and shorts, we include training pants, baby’s first fancy boxers, and little girl’s fancy underwear.

Fabric: 100% Cotton Rib Knit; stays soft wash after wash.

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low.

Colors: White

Quantity: 1

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