Interlock Preemie Swaddle Blanket




Preemie Swaddle Blanket

This interlock, Preemie Swaddle Blanket fits babies up to 7 lbs. Many newborns like to be swaddled. Therefore, a one piece sleeper or gown and the swaddle blanket should be sufficient. Hence, this will help your baby feel safe, warm, and secure, like being in their mother’s womb.

Because the swaddle blanket is sleeveless, this significantly reduces the chances of the baby overheating. Thus, your child can wear most clothing styles underneath the swaddle blanket. Baby gowns work well under the sleeveless swaddle blankets.

Ultimately the swaddle blanket keeps baby safe and securely wrapped. Thus baby sleeps safer, significantly reducing crib danger. Swaddling may also help prevent colic. When your infant  can roll over, they should not be swaddled which increases the risk of suffocating. Caution, do not swaddle the baby too tightly since it can cause hip problems. If you can place two fingers between the blanket and baby after the baby is swaddled, it is fine.

The fabric made of top quality  cozy cotton 100% interlock material,and available in off-white/cream.

We also offer the Fleece swaddle blanket for babies weighing up from 7 to 16 lbs.

Material: 100% Cotton

Size: Preemie

Color: Off-White

Velcro Closure

Other Safe Sleeping Garments Offered, Besides The Preemie Swaddle Blanket and Tips for Keeping your Baby Safe While Sleeping.

Noteworthy, keep the temperature in the nursery between 68 to 72 degrees fahrenheit. For preemies, 72 degrees is better, since their bodies are slower in regulating temperature. If your baby is too cold, she or he will use up too many calories trying to warm up. Weight gain  at this time is essential for overall health. Hence, this is where the wearable blankets or the swaddle blankets come in handy.  A swaddle blanket or,  a safe wearable blanket, cannot work its way up around the baby’s head or face. Even for the tiniest wiggle worm, this sleeping sack stays in place. Hence keeping your baby safe from the risk of SIDS.

Here are other tips to keep your baby safe while sleeping. Place baby on his or her back. Always place the infant alone on a firm mattress with a tight-fitting sheet in a crib, play yard or bassinet that meets Consumer Product Safety Commission  Do not sleep with your baby which increases suffocation. Share your room, but not your bed, recliner, or couch. Keep comforters, loose blankets, and toys out of the sleeping area of your baby. These items increases the risk of suffocation. Bare is best. Never place a baby on soft bedding. This also is a higher risk for suffocation.

At bedtime, a one piece sleeper or a baby gown with a sleep sack or a swaddle blanket  makes for your baby cozy and safe. Moreover, simple is safe. Skip the hats, loose blankets, and other accessories. Instead of a blanket, a sleeper, and a sleep sack is warm enough.

In our sleep wear section, we also offer printed baby gowns and colored baby gowns, and one piece sleepers with the closed toe to keep babies feet warm.