Interlock Pink Baby Long Pants with Embroidery


The darling pink interlock baby long pants with embroidery are made with top quality cotton interlock. They are both stylish and comfy. Ship free!

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Pink Baby Long Pants

Our darling interlock pink baby long pants with embroidery made with top quality 100% cotton interlock. The pants also include a covered elastic waist and ribbed cuffs. Thus, they will serve her well until she grows out of them.

Notably, they are soft and cozy for play and sleep in them. Thus,they also are stylish. Just slip the pants over onezies to keep the baby’s outfit neat and in place. By doing this, an outfit is completed. The long pants can protect and/ or add warmth to the baby’s legs. Throw on a jacket or cardigan if it is chilly. With these cute pants, she will invariably will receive compliments.

Color: Pink

Material: 100% Cotton Interlock

M, ( 19-26 Lbs.)
L ( 27-34 Lbs.)

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1 Per Pack

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