Peaceful Baby Music CD /Best Music For Toddlers- Calming Instruments



Peaceful Baby Music CD

Peaceful Baby Music CD (best music for toddlers), consists of a soothing mix of both traditional and original instrumental music. Thus, the music has a tranquil range of rhythms and tones. It also inspires a relaxing and serene mood.

Peaceful Baby Music CD /Best Music For Toddlers contains 20 instrumental songs, such as ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ and ‘Alouette’.

  • 60 minutes
  • 20 songs
  • For All Ages
  • Song list for Peaceful Baby:

First, twelve of the songs on this CD were arranged by G. Kennard.

The first four are: 1.’Call to Peace’,  2. ‘Green Pastures’,  3. Beethoven’ Alexandra’s Waltz’, ant 4. ‘Water Color World’.

Furthermore, the next four songs include: 5. ‘Bed of Roses’, 6.’River of Peace’, then, 7. ‘Song for Abigail’, and also  8.’Wherever I Go’.

Finally, the last four of Kennard’s are:  9. ‘Contentment’,  10. ‘Anna in Four’,  11. ‘Pizzicato Peace’, and lastly  12. ‘A Quiet Place’.

Next, two traditional American songs included in the music CD are: Amazing Grace’, and  ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’.

Furthermore, traditional German song includes:  ‘All Creatures of Our God and King’.

Also a traditional French song includes: ‘Nettleton Alouette’.

Included also, an Irish traditional song: ‘Be Thou My Vision’.

Notably,  ‘London Bridges’, a traditional Theme from 9th Symphony, and ‘Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing’ are included.

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