Natalie Nursing Cover With Wire


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Natalie Nursing Cover With Wire

This chic and stylish  Natalie  Nursing Cover With Wire  is very dependable nursing cover. Hence, it covers you where is most needed.  At the same time, it allows you to have contact with your baby. 

This lovely floral Natalie  Nursing Cover With Wire print gives a modern yet a girlish look you will love. Moreover, it consists of bright blossoms of red and pink.  The background consists of a cool beige with medium gray detailed leaves. Colors included in this print are Red, Pink, Khaki, Taupe, and White.

Breastfeeding reduces your risk of breast and ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Therefore, the longer you breastfeed, the higher the benefits.

Noteworthy, breastfeeding reaps great benefits for the mother. Most of all, it also reduces  the risks of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) for your baby. Hence, the longer you breastfeed your baby, the risk of sudden death decreases considerably. Breastfeeding your baby for two to four months decreases SIDS by 40%. Even more so, nursing four to six months can slash SIDS by 60%.

Above all, our beautiful printed   Nursing Cover with Wires make nursing easier. We also provide plain colors and printed breast pads,  colorful milk bands, and beautiful printed nursing pillow. Ultimately, these products also help with a more positive nursing experience.

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Description and Care of the Nursing Cover with Wire

Made of 100% breathable cotton

Stainless steel d-rings allow a fully adjustable neckline

Machine washable

Rigid neckline bows giving you direct eye contact with baby. Yet, our sizing keeps you completely covered while breastfeeding.

Fits Infants to Toddlers 8 lbs.- 35 lbs.

Colors: Red, Pink, Khaki, Taupe, and White.

Fabric Type-Select:  Original- Cotton,  Muslin and Organic

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What is the difference between Muslin and Organic Fabric Types?

First, Muslin is a more lightweight, and breathable cotton. It is soft to the touch!

Second, Organic is a gentle, eco-friendly organic cotton.  Ultimately, it is soft and pure for the developing skin of a baby.


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Muslin, Organic Cotton, Original Cotton