Lightweight Breast Pump -Easy To Carry


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Lightweight Breast Pump

This easy to carry manual Lightweight Breast Pump is comfortable, and also convenient. Thus, it is perfect when looking for a less bulky, and easy to carry. Ultimately, with the new easy pump technology  making it so much easier to use. Thus it takes less pumps, less tine and less hand fatigue to use. Ultimately, it gathers in more milk with less pumps. In essence, you can pump directly into the added on bottle to use immediately or the bottle can be sealed for later use.

Dimensions: Height-20 cm. and Width-10 cm.
Colors: Yellow, Pink, and White

Includes: 1 PCS Breast Pump Set + 1 PCS The Nipple (Total of ONE Milk Bottle)
Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Other Nursing Accessories Offered Besides the  Lightweight Breast Pump

First of all, Nursing Covers with Wires are very dependable,chic and stylish.. They cover you where is most needed, and at the same time, they allow you to have eye contact with your baby. They come in a variety of beautiful prints. The fabric comes in: Original Cotton, Muslin, or Organic Cotton.

Next, our beautiful printed pillows make nursing easier. The pillows made firm enough for support, yet, soft enough for comfort.

We also provide soft discreet colorful milk bands. The flip able band  takes the guesswork which side to breastfeed on. Hence it reduces much anxiety. It also, eliminates lopsidedness and soreness. The pastel colors come in: pink, lavender, blue, green or yellow. The bold colors to choose from are: black, brown, navy blue, red, or white.

Finally, our reusable breast pads made of five ply that soak up extra moisture. Hence, they relieve skin irritation and avoids sudden embarrassment. The soft layers contribute to a natural look under clothing, and comfort. Our breast pads come in basic colors, black and white prints, girly prints, and geometric prints.

Over all, all of our nursing accessories help for a more positive nursing experience.

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Pink, White, Yellow