Koi Seven Slings Brand Baby Carrier /Baby Cloth Carrier

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Baby Cloth Carrier

The Koi Seven Slings Brand Baby Cloth Carrier keeps your baby content and close to you, while it frees your hands to do other tasks.
The Koi Seven Slings Brand Baby Cloth Carrier is “cut from a different cloth”, our unique and bold fabrics are perfect for mothers who don’t want typical gear. Made of 97% Cotton and 3% Lycra – doesn’t lose shape over time and makes it comfortable to wear. Fits infants to toddlers (35 lbs. or less). Machine washable.


The relaxed Koi print displays a covering of lilac herringbone on purple. This perfect print will enhance your favorite pair of jeans! Purple, Lilac.



97% Cotton 3% Lycra
Machine wash cold. Hang to dry.


  • The surest way to find the right size for you is by measuring from the outer rounded edge of your shoulder to the side seam of your pants at the height of your hip bone.

    To maintain the highest safety and comfort standards Seven Slings are fitted and do not allow much stretch.

    In the image below, the Green Zone = Right Fit!

    You know you have the right size sling when your baby’s bottom is in the “green zone” and baby’s face is visible and kissable at all times!

    Between measurements?
    Go up a size just to play it safe!

    Stand up perfectly straight when measuring! For best results have a friend help you measure.



  • Size: size 1 shoulder to hip 22″, Ht. up to 5’5″, Wt up to 120#, Cup size AB,
  • Size 2, Shoulder to Hip 23′, Ht. 5’0′ to 5’9”, Wt. 111 to 140#, Cup Size ABC ,
  • Size 3, Shoulder to Hip 24″, Ht. 5’1″ to 5’11”, Wt. 131 to 160#, Cup Size CD,
  • Size 4, Shoulder to Hip 25″, Ht. 5′ to 6’1″, Wt. 151 to 190#, Cup Size DE,
  • Size 5, Shoulder to Hip 26″, Ht. 5’4″ to 6’2″, Wt. 181 to 220#, Cup Size E #,
  • Size 6, Shoulder to Hip 27″, Ht. 5’5″to 6’3″, Wt. 211 to 230#, Cup Size E ,
  • Size 7, Shoulder to Hip 28″, Ht. 5’6″ to 6’4″, Wt. 221 to 250#, Cup Size E ,
  • Size 8, Shoulder to Hip 29″, Ht. 5’7″plus, Wt. 241 to 270#, Cup Size E ,
  • Size 9, Shoulder to Hip 30″, Ht. 5’7″plus, Wt. 261# plus, Cup Size E


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