Interlock Heather Grey Baby Sweatsuits /Sweatpants and Hoodie Set


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Heather Grey Baby Sweatsuits

First, this Interlock Heather Grey Baby Sweatsuits  consists of  Sweatpants & Hoodie. Hence, it can be put on over a onesie or a bodysuit for added warmth. What a  great outfit, especially when going on an outing or playing outside on a chilly day. Moreover, the jacket and pants are easy to slide on or off. Notably, the hood adds warmth to the baby’s head.

Baby sweatsuits  also, consists of 100% interlock cotton. Therefore, they are comfy and cozy to play in.

Sizes: NB or X Small (up to 13 lbs.), S   (14 to 18 lbs,),  M   (19 to 26 lbs.),
L   (27-34 lbs.
Quantity: 1
Color: Heather Grey

Our Heather Grey Baby Sweatsuits /Sweatpants and Hoodie Set will go well over our baby bodysuits.

Browse our baby bodysuits come in a variety of styles, colors and  prints. Onesies make great undergarments or to wear alone. We offer bodysuits or onesies in a variety of prints, colors, white and black, including little gals’ prints and pastel bodysuits and little guys’ prints and pastel bodysuits.

Our baby bodysuits or also known as onesies. Onesies are an essential garment that babies wear everyday. Thus have plenty of them on hand. Hence it will cut down on the number of times you will need to launder. Also, buy enough to have some in your baby’s drawer, diaper bag, your purse, car and where ever you change your baby in the house. Ultimately, there will be some clean ones available. Babies will have unexpected messes, from spit ups, or spillover poops. You will never know when messes will occur, but at least you will be prepared.

Since the bodysuits snap at the bottom, this makes for an easy diaper change. They also have expandable necks, allowing for an easy way to remove it over your baby’s head. A bodysuit keeps an outfit neat and together and are great for layering. When chilly, slip on the baby sweatsuit for extra warmth and protection.

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