White Hooded Terry Baby Bathrobe w/ White Trim Includes White Booties


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Hooded Terry Baby Bathrobe

First , wrap your baby up in this hooded terry baby bathrobe with white trim and includes booties. Thus, after his or her bath, or fun at the pool, or beach, it keeps your baby dry and warm . Meanwhile, the hood keeps your baby’s head warm while giving a chance to dry and dress the rest of your baby. In essence, not only is  this baby bathrobe high quality and functional, but ultimately, keeps your baby comfortable.

The fabric made with 80% cotton / 20% polyester, and one size fits only (fits up to 18 lbs.). Packed individually on hangers, and 14 inches in length.

1 Per package

Size:      Fits up to 18 lbs

Material:  80% Cotton/ 20% Polyester

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