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Fleece Sleeping Bag Dress

This sleeveless Fleece  Sleeping Bag Dress or Wearable Nap sack Blanket consists of 100% polyester fabric. Furthermore, it is a natural,  breathable,  and, a soft fabric made for infant sleep or comfortable baby. 
Ultimately, this nap sack blanket, or baby sleeping bag  made with a comfy foot box. Thus, it provides your baby for a cozy sleeping time!
The Wearable Nap sack Blanket / Sleeping Bag Dress zips from the bottom up so you do not bother the baby unnecessarily.
Because the nap sack is sleeveless, this significantly reduces the chances of the baby overheating, and your child can wear most clothing styles underneath the nap sack blanket.
The Wearable Nap sack Blanket keeps baby safe and securely wrapped, while baby sleeps safer, significantly reducing crib danger.

Material: 100% Polyester Fabric

Size: For Babies ages 0-6 Months

Color: Cream

The dying process involves Heat which is not compatible with the nylon zipper.

This garment must be washed in cold / warm wash with low heat dryer.

Other Safe Sleeping Garments Offered, Besides The Fleece Sleeping Dress, and Tips for Keeping your Baby Safe While Sleeping.

Noteworthy, If the temperature in the nursery is less than 68-72 degrees fahrenheit, baby will need a few layers to keep warm. Hence, this is where the wearable blankets or the swaddle blankets come in handy.  A sleep sack, a safe wearable blanket, cannot work its way up around the baby’s head or face. Even for the tiniest wiggle worm, this sleeping sack stays in place. Hence keeping your baby safe from the risk of SIDS.

At bedtime, a one piece sleeper and a sleep sack makes for your baby cozy and safe. Moreover, simple is safe. Skip the hats, loose blankets, and other accessories. Instead of a blanket, a sleeper, and a sleep sack is warm enough.

We also offer the swaddle blanket sleeper. Many newborns like to be swaddled. It makes them feel safe and warm, and secure like the mother’s womb. Our baby gowns work well under our sleeveless swaddle blankets. We offer various prints and colors in our newborn gowns.

Important tips to keep your baby safe when napping or sleeping.

Placing your baby to sleep on his or her back, decreases the risk of suffocating, fever, ear infections. Providing a pacifier also enhances better breathing.

Always remember the ABC’s of sleep safety for your infant according to American Academy of Pediatrics and the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission. For both a nap or sleep, always place your baby alone on their back in a crib, play yard or bassinet that meets C.P.S.C. standards. Hence, bare is best. Also, there should only be the baby on a firm mattress with a tight-fitting sheet that fits tightly in the crib. Never place an infant to sleep on soft bedding or quilts. Hence these items increase the baby to suffocate. Never sleep with your baby on your bed, couch or in the recliner. Many babies have died .