Baby Pastel Receiving Blankets /100% Cotton/ Best Receiving Blankets


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Baby Pastel Receiving Blankets

First. wrap your baby in these soft and cozy Baby Pastel  Receiving Blankets. Therefore, babies can use 2 to 3 blankets depending the occasion or season. Also this blanket comes in 5 different colors: Blue, Mint, Pink, Yellow, or White.

Ultimately, Baby Pastel Receiving Blankets consists of 100% cotton interlock.

So, buy several!

Moreover, there is one blanket per order.

  • Colors: Blue, Mint, Pink, Yellow, White
  • Size: 30″ x 40″
  • Quantity one blanket per order
  • Ship free!

You also, must see our other colorful and soft blankets. Our variety of  other blankets include: pastel fleece blankets,  and the 4 pack printed flannel receiving blankets. Notably, the sleeveless fleece swaddle blanket helps infant feel warm and secure like being in their mother’s womb. Able to wear over sleepwear for cozy safe sleep.

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Other Items besides Our Pastel Receiving Blankets and Our Other Blankets Offered in Our Infant Accessories

We also offer a variety of other infant accessories. Hence, they come in different designs and colors. Our  other accessories include: mosquito netting for both strollers and playpens and for cribs. Furthermore, we have three different types of bibs. The first of them are the  cute baby bibs with embroidery. Second, the drool bibs-white with pastel trim come in a pack of three. Hence, the white baby bibs with white trim are also available. Also, we offer the abdominal binder for the newborn.

Part of our collection as well, are the training pants, adorable plaid boy’s boxers and girls fancy pants.

Included also  included in the infant accessories is our beautiful 13 piece sets offer a variety of pieces for newborns. Thus, makes for wonderful gift sets. Furthermore, the 13 piece sets includes: A newborn and a small side snap shirts, newborn short sleeve and long sleeve onesies, a knotted cap, bib, burp cloth, 4 washcloths, and a pair of mittens. The prints of the sets include the Arrow print for the a little guy. The rose print set intended for the newborn little girl.

Finally, our pastel mittens keep your baby’s hands comfy and cozy, but also keep, especially your newborn babies, from scratching themselves.