Faux Fur Baby Animal Hats

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Faux Fur Baby Animal Hats

First of all, our Faux Fur Baby Animal Hats consists of the highest quality blend of plush polyester and modacrylic. Therefore, this makes them feel and look like the cozy and softness of real fur.

Ultimately, in frigid temperatures, these warm hats will be the perfect hats  to wear for every member of the family.

Not only do we have sizes for the babies and toddlers, but also for the youths and adults. Thus, they make a perfect gifts for anyone in the family!

Furthermore, we have sixteen styles of these adorable animal hats. The first four styles are: Wolfe, Cheetah, Brown Rabbit and Gray Cat. Moreover, the next animal hats include: Grizzly Bear, Hound Dog, Hyena, and also Lion. More adorable hats include: Moose, Panda Bear, Polar Bear, and also Pink Cat. Last of all,  Snow Leopard, White Rabbit,  Zebra, and also Red Fox. What a great selection of cute and fashionable hats.

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Details, Care and Sizes of the Hats

Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash cold. Tumble dry low.
Material: Faux Fur ( polyester and modacrylic blend)
Size Chart:
X-Small Hat size: 15 Inch Max Circumference (Age Range 0 to 3 months)
Small Hat size: 17 Inch Max Circumference (Age Range 3 Months to 12 months)
Medium Hat size: 21 Inch Max Circumference (Age Range 12 months to 10 yrs)
Large Hat size: 25 Inch Max Circumference  (Age Range 10+ Years)

Notably, determine sizes by the maximum circumference of the hat. It is also recommended to measure around the largest part of your head, above the eyebrows.