Car Seat Accessories for Infants

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Car Seat Accessories for Infants

First of all our car seat accessories for infants, offer a  nice selection of style, charm, fashion, and most of all high quality patterns. We offer single canopies and whole caboodles -5 piece matching car seat accessory sets, which include: car seat canopy, replacement umbrella, head support pillow, a slip cover, and a baby lap blanket. .

Ultimately, our fabric of our car seat canopies is an “all around the year” use. The fabric is not too thick for summer, and not too thin for winter.Most important, it keeps your baby protected.. Each of our canopies  have striking, alive, and up to date prints.

Moreover, the material of the car seat covers are washable and fit most  makes and models of car seats. We also have your baby covered for a comfy and cozy and a stylish ride!

Noteworthy, we want to offer every parent with stylish high quality infant car seat accessories whether it be a single canopy or a five piece matching set/caboodle.

  • The prints we have available are:
  • Colorful and Charming Avery, Ruby , and Carter Prints.
  • Sleek and Stylish Black Stripe Print
  • Elegant Pink Stripe Print,
  • Stylish Ethan Black and White Print,
  • Beautiful Purple and White London Print,
  • Summer Floral Print of  Purple, Pink and Green colors
  • Lastly, Tatum Print, a cheerful classic Rainbow Colors over a White Background.

Finally, we also have mosquito netting for strollers to help keep your baby from all insects.

Our store also provide adorable baby leggings (9-35 lbs.) that come in a wide array of cut and fun prints, breastfeeding accessories, learning tools for infants and toddlers and much more. Browse today!

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