Breast Pads and Milk Bands


Breast Pads and Milk Bands

Our breast pads and milk  bands make breastfeeding positive.

Breast Pads

Our breast pads or nursing pads have fun and stylish prints Our reusable pads are made of five ply, and soak up extra moisture.  Because of this component, skin irritation and sudden embarrassment are much less reduced. These soft layers contribute to comfort and a natural look under clothing. Therefore Breast Pads make for a good reason to keep breastfeeding.

Our nursing pads come in a variety of prints. We have girly prints,  basic colors,  black and white prints, and geometric prints in our breast/ nursing pads . Browse now!

Milk Bands

Our Milk Bands are discreet, and soft flippable  bracelets which make a huge difference in the nursing experience. They eliminate the guesswork which side to breastfeed on. This also eliminates lopsidedness and soreness. Above all anxiety, and frustration is greatly reduced.

Our milk bands both come in pretty pastel colors and bold colors.

The risk of breast and ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, and heart disease is greatly reduced. Hence the longer you breastfeed,  the higher you reap  benefits.

Not only is breastfeeding reaps great benefits for the mother, it also reduces  the risks of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) for your baby. Consequently, the longer you breastfeed your baby, the risk of sudden death decreases considerably. Breastfeeding your baby for two to four months decreases SIDS by 40%. Nursing four to six months can slash SIDS by 60%. Breastfeeding brings a special bonding between mother and baby.

Above all, our fun printed and plain colored breast pads  make nursing easier. We also provide beautiful printed nursing covers with wires, and beautiful printed nursing pillows. Also available is our lightweight breast pump that gathers in more milk with less pumps, and comes in white, yellow and blue. These items also  help for a more positive nursing experience.  Shop now!

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Material:  100% Cotton and 5 ply

Care and Cleaning:  Machine Washable

Quantity:       4 in a Package ( 4 of one print)