Baby Sleepwear

Baby Sleepwear

While your baby sleeps, comfort and safety is the utmost goal of any provider. Therefore, we strive to sell safe and comfortable baby sleepwear products.

First of our sleepwear products, is our safe, sleeveless, sleep sacks or nap sacks. It provides utmost safety for even the tiniest wiggle worm.  This wearable sack keeps the baby safe securely wrapped while the baby sleeps. This sleepsack (or nap sack) helps avoid any crib danger.

The sleeveless sack reduces the chances of overheating and fits most styles of clothing. The zipper at the bottom up allows to easily change your baby without necessarily disturbing her or his sleep.

Second, we provide the swaddle blankets in both the preemie and newborn sizes. Many newborns like to be swaddled. It helps them to feel safe, warm, and secure, like being their mother’s womb. Also these swaddle blankets are sleeveless.

Third, we offer sleeping gowns for newborns. They are best used with the swaddle blanket. They provide an assortment of prints and colors. Gowns also keep your newborn warm after a short bath.

Fourth, we provide one piece sleepers which are perfect to wear under the napsack. This keeps your baby warm and cozy without overheating. These sleepers come in a variety of colors and cute assorted prints.

Placing your baby to sleep on his or her back, decreases the risk of suffocating, fever, ear infections. Providing a pacifier also enhances better breathing.

Finally,  our variety of  baby sleepwear come in soft comfortable fabrics, gentle for your baby’s skin, but tough enough for many washings.

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