Baby Diaper Covers

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Baby Diaper Covers

First of all, our baby diaper covers or bloomers are high quality and  are certainly adorable accessories. Both of our Little Gals ruffle diaper cover(s) and our Little Guys Stud Muffin baby diaper covers not only add style to any of your baby’s ensembles, but even more make diaper changes easier. Furthermore, they are both stylish, and very functional. With that all said, we have a large selections of bloomers to match your child’s personality, and to go with any outfit.

Little Guy’s Stud Muffin Covers

Even more, we offer seven different adorable prints in the Stud Muffin covers for the little guys. The prints are: Eddie print has a white background with black stick figures doing various sports. Also, the Gibson print has black and taupe stripes. Furthermore, the Josh print has the green camouflage print. Thus, Mickey has a light blue background with red,yellow, navy blue stripes of variant sizes criss-crossing each other. Hence, the Oakley print has variegated colors of browns, golds, light and dark blues, tan, and brown, and white variegated stripe pattern. Of the fun side, the Ryan print has a white background with comic captions. Lastly, the Scot print has a sport theme of the different sport names and letters, and the different balls that go with the different sports in different colors.

Little Gal’s Ruffle Covers

Similarly, our Little Gals’ ruffle  covers come in different styles. We have solid colors, patterns, and color combos. There are jersey covers with jersey ruffles, and jersey with satin  and satin with satin.

Easy Maintenance

Above all, our cloth covers are washable. Buy several to have extra clean ones available.

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