Baby Bodysuits / Infant Onesies

Baby Bodysuits

First of all, the essential staple to a baby’s wardrobe are the baby bodysuits. They are extended T-shirts that snap at the crotch, making  an easy access for a diaper change..  Thereby, they are easy to get on and off. They are comfy, inexpensive and styled in many ways. They are worn alone or under other clothing. Onesies are great in that their little bellies don’t show, keeping everything in place.

Baby bodysuits or also known as onesies. They are like a farmers’ overalls. Hence, it is the baby’s everyday essential. Since it is one of the most frequently used baby items, have plenty  of them on hand. Hence this will cut down on the number of times to launder.  Buy enough to put in the baby’s drawer, your diaper bag, your purse, and the car. Ultimately, there will be some clean ones always available.

Onesies come in different styles. We have onesies with short sleeve, long sleeves ,and sleeveless . We carry a large  variety of designs and colors, black and whites. This includes little gals’ and little guys’ prints and colors.

Also in our store, are baby long johns or bodysuit without attached feet and footed jammies. The footed jammies are also a great way of keeping those little legs and feet warm.

Above all, no matter what style of the bodysuit, they consist of 100% cotton. Cotton is soft to your baby’s skin.  Moreover, they are easily washed, cleaned and dried. The onesies  easily stretch with your baby’s movement.  Hence, they are comfy to either sleep or play in.

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Take note: we also offer  fun and functional socks which cover your baby’s legs. They go perfectly with onesies. Check out our large selection of our baby leggings too.

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