Baby Bathing Accessories

Baby Bathing Accessories

We offer high quality baby bathing accessories. Hence, you will find a variety of colors, and adorable prints.. There are a great selection of hooded bathrobes, booties, animal hooded bath towels, hooded towels with trim, and washcloths, and mitts.

Baby Bathrobes

First of our products are our baby bathrobes. There is our  adorable Fleece Pastel Baby Bathrobe with Rabbit Ears Hoodie.  The other is the
Hooded White Terry Baby Bathrobe With White Trim with white booties.They can not only be for bath time but trips to the beach- from wet to dry and cozy.These cute baby bathrobes are cuddly and cozy, making great gifts.

Hooded Towels

Second of our bathing accessories, are our adorable animal, terry, bath, hooded towels. The other hooded towels comes in assorted cute printed pictures on white towels with trim of blue, pink, or yellow. Wrap your baby in  these soft, cozy, towels . After his or her bath, or fun at the pool, or beach, the hood keeps your baby’s head warm. Moreover, this gives you a chance to dry and dress the rest of him or her. Hence, it keeps your child dry and warm in these cozy and pleasurable hooded towels. We offer 12  variations of the animal or character hooded towels, and three variations of the hooded towel with trim .

Fabric of the animal towels made with a terry towel weave or Turkish toweling are very insulating, absorbent and bulky. Thus they are durable and easy to care for. These towels do not need ironed, and hold up well to frequent usage and washings.

The towels with trim are made 80% cotton and 20% polyester terry.

Baby washcloths

Third,  wash your baby’s delicate, soft skin. with our yellow variety printed washcloths-4 in a pack, or our washcloth mitten. The material is 80% cotton / 20% polyester blend terry of both the wash cloths and mitten . Therefore to avoid frequent laundering, your baby will need 7 to 8 washcloths and 3 to 4 towels for a week. Thus buy several today!

In essence, we offer a fine selection of cute and high quality baby bathing products. See our great variety of items.

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