Planning a Road Trip with Your Family

Research, preparation and, organization are essential, when planning a road trip with your family. Hence, this will cut down on problems on the way. This will result in better memories for everyone.

First, research your trip in general. How long will it take to get to your destination? If traveling with little ones, you may consider traveling during their sleep and nap times. Consider also the limitations of your children. You may need to plan for shorter days of traveling. Rest stops with an area to run off excess energy is important to include. Pack a basket of toys for the rest stop. While at the rest stop, include a picnic lunch. Also, have everyone go potty whether they need to or not. Pack a small potty for  toddlers and preschoolers. This will eliminate extra unneeded stops.

Next, when planning a road trip with your family, research the hotels where you may be staying. Does the hotel accommodate for babies and children? For a larger family, check with the hotel if there is an adjacent room that has a door between the rooms.  Is there a pool and jungle gym, and game room where your family can relax and play. Swimming is a great recreation for children to get tired and induce sleep.

Check for possible inclement weather. The worst scenario is to run into any serious storms. If so, you may want to change your plans. If a sudden storm does arise, have blankets, jackets, and rain gear available.

Prepare your car for the road trip with your family.

Don’t forget to prepare your car. Check the tires to see if they are worn and need replaced. If they are in good shape, check if they have the right amount of air in them. Include a air pressure gauge in your car. Has the oil been changed recently? Have all the other fluids checked as well and the air filter. Have an emergency kit in your car including a spare tire that is ready to be used if necessary. Also include a first aide kit including medications prescribed and if needed medications. If your children have a tendency for car sickness, include children’s motion sickness medication. Just in case, pack baby Tylenol, and ear drops as well.

Don’t forget your camera, batteries, and yes, a road map. The G.P.S. A.P.P. works great, but just in case, a road map may help out in emergencies.

Keep your family busy, and fed.

Prepare a backpack for each child that includes their own toys, books, electronics and chargers, and their own head phones. Load their favorite movies, games, stories your kids love onto their tablets.. Cookie sheets with edges make for great trays for eating and also for a play area. The magnetic field will keep magnetic toys from straying. Color books and color pencils will help keep some children busy for awhile.  A nonbreakable mirror and a teething toy help keep babies pacified. Don’t forget to pack extra battery charging packs for tablets and smart phones. A travel pillow for for every child is also a good idea. to pack.

Along the way, surprise your children with a new toy or game. This will help divide their attention for awhile.

Mom and Dad, don’t forget audio books or podcasts for your entertainment as well. If there are two adults in the car, by all means switch turns driving.

Another great idea, provide each child their own snack box with low sugar snacks and low sugary drinks. Furthermore, this will help keep everyone content. In addition, keep a small cooler with drinks for everyone. A small lunch box packed with a sandwich, cut up fruit  for each child will come in handy. Pack your lunches every morning if time allows.

Other tips while traveling with you family.

Before arriving to the hotel, you may want to pick up groceries for the next day breakfast and lunch, then plan eating out once a day. Thus, that will definitely save on money. Pack a small paring knife and a peeler, and sandwich bags.

Moreover, keep a small basket with wipes, diapers, and other possible needed items easily to grab. Include small plastic bags for discarding dirty diapers, apple cores or other such items.  A big plastic cereal box lined with a quart sized plastic bag makes for a great waste can.

Packing clothes for your family members for the road trip.

Traveling with a family, space will have it’s limits, and upmost organization is needed. Have each person have their own colored cubes. Each cube will have separate items, such as shoes in one cube, underwear in another. A whole outfit for a young child can fit in a gallon plastic bag.  Arrange outfits in advance. Prepare to play. Pack a designated splash bag for each person with a swimsuit, hat, towel, sunscreen, swim shoes and wet bag. Keep them accessible in the back of the car.

Another practical tip from a traveling mom, pack worn clothes that are almost ready to be tossed  for travel and play. This will help save on laundry. Pack a couple nice outfits each for a special outings.

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