Pros of Cloth Baby Carriers

First, one of the Pros of  Cloth Baby Carriers is that they keep your baby close to you, making  a happier baby. Ultimately, they promote bonding with your baby. Babies also nap better when carried.

Secondly, they are easy to use, and also a simple way to carry your young child.

Thirdly, it frees up your hands while doing chores and tasks. At the same time, your baby is content..

Importantly, they are less expensive than the framed structured carriers.

Unlike a stroller, the cloth carriers are easier to maneuver through crowds, and access places where strollers cannot go.

Three Different Types of Cloth Carriers

Since there is a variation in the sizes of people carrying the baby, we also provide three different cloth carriers. Likewise, the age and size of the infant needs to be considered.

The framed and structured carriers are for hiking and long periods of use.

We offer three different types of cloth carriers: Wraps, Slings and the Adjustable Pouch.Another pose of the Cali Baby Cloth Carrier Wrap-


Wraps are primarily a long length of slightly stretchy fabric that you wrap and tie around your body to hold your baby securely. Thus, they are arranged in a number of ways to carry your baby in various positions.

Pros : First, they distribute the baby’s weight evenly. Therefore, not all the weight bears on your shoulders and back which makes these carriers comfortable for over long periods of time even for carrying toddlers (up to 35 lbs.). Secondly, the wraps are the fairly inexpensive.

Cons: Though the wrap is most versatile, it is also the most difficult to understand. Therefore, read the instructions carefully.

See the variety of baby wrap cloth carriers we have to offer that come in a beautiful prints. One the beautiful wraps is the Cali Baby Wrap Cloth Carrier.


Slings are woven, non stretch fabric, and worn over one shoulder. Therefore  designed to carry full term babies (over 37 weeks gestation), and  baby weighing 8 lbs. or more.

First, the cradle carry are for 0-4 months old.

Captain Seven Slings Brand- Captain Sling Baby Cloth Carrier

Next the front carry are for the 2 -8 months old.

Last, the hip carry are for the 6+ months.

Pros : They are inexpensive. Next they are easier to put on than a wrap. They are good for discreetly nursing a baby.

Cons: They are less supportive when your baby gets too heavy.

We also have a variety of baby cloth carriers in different fabrics that are stylish and unique. See the Captain Sling Cloth Baby Carrier.


Hot Slings Adjustable Pouch is a piece of material sewn together at the ends and folded to form a pouch. Hence, this is where the baby nestles. Moreover the pouch sling goes over the shoulder like a sash and your baby sits in the pouch. Same as the Baby Slings,  three ways to wear the Adjustable Pouch.

First, the cradle carry are for 0-4 months old.

Next the front carry are for the 2 -8 months old.

Last, the hip carry are for the 6+ months.AP Silhouette Baby Cloth Carrier

Pros: They are easy to get on and off. Even more, they are compact enough to fit into a diaper bag. They also are reasonably priced.

Cons: make sure you get the right size. Hence, they come in two sizes. Moms and Dads will need their own. Since all of baby’s weight rest on one shoulder, you may want to consider using a different carrier such as the wrap.

See the different adjustable pouches that come in bold and unique fabric such as the Silhouette Cloth Baby Carrier.

Summary of the pros of the cloth baby carriers

All of the carriers consist of top quality and stylish and fashionable fabric. We also offer a wide selection of colors, and prints to choose from in all of our carriers.

When carrying your baby with a front baby carrier, always make sure your baby’s face is visible and kissable.

For safety information, please visit the BCIA website at: BABYCARRIERINDUSTRYALLIANCE.ORG