Swaddling Tips How To Swaddle Your Baby

Swaddling tips how to swaddle your baby will be explained, but what is the importance of swaddling?  First, swaddling mimics the mother’s womb. Thus, swaddling keeps your baby warm and comfortable. Most parents learn how to swaddle their newborns at the hospital. It may take several times to pick up the technique. Ultimately, when done correctly,  parents sleep better since their baby sleeps better. Newborns have a startle reflex that can wake them up abruptly. Thereby, swaddling will prevent them to stay asleep and also makes your baby feel safe.

Most newborns love to sleep skin to skin  (kangaroo care) with their mother or father for as long as possible each day.  The next best thing is to swaddle your baby and let he or she sleep in a safe crib .

How often should you swaddle your baby? Remember before birth, a baby is swaddled 24 hours a day when in the womb.  So swaddling babies 12 to 20 hours a day makes for some contented babies.

Sleeping tips how to swaddle your baby

Place a thin receiving blanket material (not fluffy) in a diamond in front of you. You do not want to overheat your baby.

Then, fold down the top corner of the diamond and place the baby in the center with their neck at the fold of the blanket.

Allow your baby’s limbs be comfortable, knees bent, and hips flexed. Do not force your baby’s limbs to be straight.

Next, fold over the left side in front of the baby and tuck behind the baby.

Fold up the middle piece in front of the baby, and tuck it under the first flap.

Lastly, fold over the right side and bring it over the top and under the infant. Pick up your baby by supporting their head and bottom.

Ultimately,  you should be  able to put two of your fingers between the baby and the blanket. The blanket should be snug, but not too tight.

Safety Tips for Swaddling

Room temperature should be 68 to 72 degrees F. . Avoid overheating your baby. Therefore, always check the room temperature. If the baby is sweating, or their neck feels warm, either lower the temperature in the room or dress your baby with light clothing such as a short sleeve onesie under their swaddle blanket..

Place the swaddled baby on their back to avoid the risk of suffocation. If not placed on their backs, this will increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death syndrome (SIDS).

When your baby is trying to roll over, (about 8 weeks old), this is the time to stop swaddling your baby. Otherwise, this would increase the risk of suffocation.

The baby’s crib should not have any other items in it besides the swaddle blanket. This includes any other blankets, stuffed animals, or bumpers. The mattress should only have a tight fitting sheet on it.

Wake your baby when it is feeding time. Your baby needs to eat often to grow. Sometimes, they can be so comfortable that they will not eat because they are too sleepy when wrapped up. Check with your pediatrician if  your baby can go longer than 3-4 hours between feedings.

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