on site and as needed

Animal husbandry is a costly investment which requires a great deal of skill and knowledge.


For this reason, LIVESTOCK BOVIN EUROPE offers you support by competent people in various fields in order to guarantee good milk production.

The transmission of know-how and expertise is not only technical. It is also economical. The final objective to be achieved by the customer is the profitability of the dairy farm. In other words, how will the customer manage to generate surpluses through his dairy operation?

The strategy adopted at first glance is to increase milk production to a profitable level.

Here are some examples of support that our company LIVESTOCK BOVIN EUROPE offers:


Animal feed is an essential condition for profitable milk production.


The support will be used, for example, to establish a quality ration according to the feed on site and according to the age and morphological development of the animal (dry-off, calving, beginning or end of lactation, etc.)

A ccompaniment to dairy farming


The support will also focus here on heat detection methods.

The methods of insemination will also be transmitted so as to bring autonomy in reproduction by following the natural cycle of the females.

Exporter and trainer

Breeding training


It is essential to fully master these rules of hygiene.

Controlled hygiene rules make it possible to avoid diseases causing drug costs, decreases in milk production, and even death.

An optimal health environment allows animals to be at their maximum potential continuously and thus to produce more milk.


Support is necessary on calving conditions which includes:

- drying off and preparation for calving.
- rules and method of monitoring near-term cows
- rules and methods of calving assistance

- treatment of calves after farrowing to avoid mortality

- progressive treatment of calves during the first 3 months after birth